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4 Types of Insomnia - 5 Best Herbs to Help It through Natural Remedy

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TCM in Helping with Sleep (Insomnia):

Chinese Medicine often recognizes isominia into 4 types, and find most of insomnia patients are inbalanced from either Heart, Kidney, Lung and Stomach or combined.

Type 1: Inability to fall asleep;

Type 2: Short sleep time, wake up then can not fall asleep again;

Type 3: Sleep and wake up, very easy to wake up;

Type 4: Seem to sleep but not sleep, chaotic dreams.

5 Best Herbs to Help with Insomnia:

Note: All these herbs have to combined with other supporting herbs with right ratios based on individual's type of insominia and health condition, consult with a professional Chinese Medicine practitioner to get personliazed formulated prescription instead of taking your own.

1. Yù Jīn

Promoting blood circulation, relieving pain, promoting circulation of Qi, relieving depression, clearing the heart and cooling the blood, inducing diuresis and relieving yellowish. Used for thoracic hypochondriac pain, thoracic paralysis, dysmenorrhea, breast pain, fever, epilepsy, epilepsy, blood fever, vomiting, jaundice, urine and redness. Note: It should not be used with cloves or Syzygium aromaticum.

2. Ba Shu (Atractylodes macrocephala)

Used for weak spleen and stomach, low food intake and fullness, tiredness and fatigue, diarrhea. Modern pharmacological studies have found that Atractylodes macrocephala has a variety of pharmacological effects such as anti-ulcer, hepatoprotection, enhancement of immune function, anti-stress, enhancement of hematopoietic function, diuretic, inhibition of uterine contraction, antioxidant, delay aging, hypoglycemic, anti-coagulant, anti-tumor and so on.

3. Huang Qi

Huangqi Flower

Astragalus medicinal use so far has a history of more than 2000 years, modern research shows that astragalus contains saponins, sucrose, polysaccharides, a variety of amino acids, folic acid and selenium, zinc, copper and a variety of trace elements. It has enhanced immune function, hepatoprotection, diuretic, anti-aging, anti-stress, antihypertensive and broader antibacterial effect.

4. Sour Date Krnel

The China's earliest medicinal book, "Shennong's Classic of the Materia Medica," states that "Nourishing the middle and benefiting the liver, firming the tendons and bones, and assisting the yin qi are all the functions of sour Date kernel." Essential for the treatment of yin and blood deficiency, such as restlessness of the mind, insomnia, dreamlessness and palpitation.

5. Wu Wei Zi (Schisandra chinensis)

Used for prolonged coughing and asthma, dreaming and spermatorrhea, frequent urination, prolonged diarrhea, spontaneous sweating and night sweating, thirst due to injury of fluids, internal heat and thirst, palpitation and insomnia.

Note: Incorporating these herbs should be guided by qualified healthcare professionals. While these herbs offer promising results, they are best utilized within a comprehensive treatment plan under medical supervision.

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