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We are a group of professtional and certificated Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and acupuncturists who offer high-quality natural remedy healthcare. As a natural remedy collective, we assist our members by providing virutal consultations, medication management, personalized herbal supplements, and dietary therapy. 

Transforming natural healthcare

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and herbal therapy are ancient and comprehensive medical systems with a history of thousands of years. We believe in the power of TCM to promote wellness, restore balance, and enhance the body's innate healing abilities. Our goal is to make TCM treatments easy to understand, access, and integrate into your daily life, ensuring a seamless journey toward holistic well-being.

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A modern approach

Our tele-health services bring you the most convenient and efficient healthcare. And our Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners are available for appointments outside of your regular working hours.

Our Rate

New Patient

Online TCM Consultation 

30 mins | $125

Returning Patient

Online TCM Consultation 

20 mins | $75

Personalized Forlumated Herbal Prescription

Your personalized herbal prescription contains various Chinese herb extracts formulated by your TCM practitioner based on your specific health needs. Each type of herb extract has its own market rate, which fluctuates every year.

You will receive detailed information about your personalized herbal prescription and a quote after your consultation.

Get started with Qi TCM Care, today. 

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